Jeremy Stevens blond cum lover is into hairy guys and multiple partners at Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony says: I love surprises. Jeremy Stevens is one incredibly smoking hot surprise I am happy to have grace my casting couch. I was out shopping one day and spotted this California stud hard at work at his place of business. I was more than happy to have this yoked salesman come help me in my time of need, so I laid on some of Tony’s charm. I got more than a nibble from Jeremy. To my delight, he started flirting right back at me. It turns out that we had a lot more in common than I thought.

I told him who I was and what I did, and Jeremy practically invited himself over! Now this fine hunk of man is a budding porn star ready to explode, and yours truly had the pleasure of getting him first. Jeremy has it all: muscles, a sexy tan and most importantly a great big dick. Jeremy popped a boner in his jeans just talking about what a filthy pig he is in his personal life. This blond cum lover is into hairy guys and multiple partners. His eyes start to shine when I explained to him exactly what a bukakke was.

I think this sexy cum slut just might be the next victim; I mean volunteer for the next round of jizz slinging fun. Jeremy can’t keep his jeans on any longer and releases his huge pink cock from its denim prison. He cups his low hanging balls and moans with pleasure while he slowly strokes. Jeremy kneels on my coffee table to really show off his rock hard six pack and beautiful pecs. Jeremy’s tight ass falls forward and gives a great view of his hairy hole.

After a little finger play gets him close to the edge, Jeremy flips on his back and lets loose a torrent of man juice. Very pleased with what he had just accomplished, Jeremy satisfies himself by feasting on the load resting on his tanned tight abs. I cant wait to see more and more of Jeremy. Get this video at Dirty Tony!


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